Mufson Howe Hunter, Investment Bankers for Growth

Mufson Howe Hunter Advises Learn It Systems, LLC

October 28th, 2010

Learn It Systems, LLC (Baltimore, MD), a leading provider of customized supplemental educational services, offers small classroom setting instruction, online educational programs and student management services to over 27,000 K-12 students in public and private schools nationwide.

Learn It hired Mufson Howe Hunter as exclusive financial advisor and placement agent to explore various options to repurchase the equity interests of two non-management founders. Mufson Howe Hunter reviewed Learn It’s business, historical operating performance, financial condition and prospects and recommended several financing options. The Company chose to pursue a minority equity investment to purchase the interests of the non-management shareholders. Mufson Howe Hunter conducted extensive financial, business and accounting due diligence, prepared a comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum and worked with the Company to prepare materials for investor presentations. After a highly targeted marketing process that resulted in multiple bidders, Mufson Howe Hunter then assisted Learn It in selecting and negotiating the letter of intent with Milestone Partners and advising the Company on business and financial matters in connection with the equity purchase documents.