Mufson Howe Hunter, Investment Bankers for Growth

Buy-Side Assignments

Companies and private investors retain us to advise them on specific acquisitions or to create an acquisition program and conduct searches. Management teams also retain us to advise them in buying their company. Courting acquisition targets is time consuming and always tricky but we assume much of the time burden from our clients and are adept at generating opportunities for our clients. We often raise debt and equity financing to fund the acquisition. Among other services, we usually:

  • Formulate acquisition criteria and develop an acquisition strategy;
  • Identify and contact acquisition targets;
  • Determine the value of the target company;
  • Analyze the impact of the acquisition on our client’s business;
  • Structure the key terms and prepare an offer for the target company;
  • Assist our clients with acquisition due diligence;
  • Negotiate the offer and other key issues, such as employment agreements, earn-outs and transfer of adequate working capital;
  • Arrange financing if required; and
  • Review closing documents to ensure consistency with the offer and assist in negotiating key terms such as escrows and remedies for breaching representations and warranties.