Mufson Howe Hunter, Investment Bankers for Growth

Private Placements of Growth Capital

Most growth oriented  companies cannot maintain aggressive growth rates and /or an active acquisition plan without raising capital from external sources. Shareholders may also desire liquidity and conditions may warrant refinancing existing debt. We work closely with clients to evaluate their funding needs and explore financing options. Options may include senior or junior debt, mezzanine financing (usually subordinated debt with warrants), equity or combinations thereof. MHH maintains relationships with numerous commerical banks, finance companies, senior & junior debt funds, and private equity sponsor funds. We are intimately knowledgeable of  their investment styles, criteria and areas of interest. Among other services, we typically:

  • Analyze our client’s operating results, financial condition and forecast;
  • Assess the financing required to achieve goals;
  • Evaluate financing options and key terms of each;
  • Prepare a Private Placement Memorandum highlighting our client’s competitive advantages, prospects and the value created from raising capital;
  • Identify and contact suitable investors and lenders;
  • Manage investors’/lenders’ initial due diligence inquiries and site visits;
  • Solicit, evaluate and negotiate financing proposals; and
  • Review closing documents to ensure consistency with the offer and assist in negotiating key terms such as representations and warranties, escrows and events of default.