Business Services

Business Services

We have broken the Business Services sector into five main verticals, each of which can be further divided into more specific service areas.

Commercial Building & Construction Services

 - Architectural & Design Services

 - Construction Services

 - Building Products

 - Value-Added Distribution

 - Communication Infrastructure Construction Services

Engineering Services

 - Infrastructure Engineering Services

 - HVAC & Electrical

 - Professional Engineering

Environmental and Industrial Services

 - Professional & Technical Services

 - Remediation

 - Emergency Response

Facilities Management

 - Food Services

 - HVAC, Property & Building Maintenance

 - Retail Services

 - MRO Services

 - Transportation & logistics

Human Resources Management

 - Background Employment Checks

 - Permanent Placement

 - Temporary Staffing

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Managing Director

Michael Mufson

Phone: 215-399-5410


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