What We Do

An Investment Bank Committed to Excellence

Sell-side M&A

 We work closely with our clients to obtain the best combination of price, deal terms and cultural compatibility while minimizing business disruption and dedicating our senior resources to streamline the transaction process for our clients. We maximize our client success by:

 - Conducting thorough pre-process financial and business due diligence

 - Crafting a compelling business narrative corroborated by both financial data and operational information

 - Preparing comprehensive marketing materials and relevant buyer/investor documents

 - Curating a client-specific list of potential buyers including strategic players, private equity firms and large family offices both domestic and international

 - Distributing marketing materials, soliciting buyer proposals and navigating the client throughout the remainder of the process

Buy-side M&A

We leverage our industry expertise and deep understanding of each client’s business in order to seek out the right partners to bolster their capabilities or strategic objectives.  From an execution perspective, we assume much of the “heavy lifting” so that our clients can continue to focus on growing their business.  Moreover, we often help secure equity and/or debt financing to fund the acquisition.  When representing clients on the buy-side, we often provide the following client support:

- Identifying potential acquisition targets and facilitating initial outreach

- Engaging in strategic dialogue and performing initial diligence with a prioritized group of prospects

 - Constructing a valuation framework and facilitating submission of offer letters

- Deal structuring and negotiations and preparation for closing


Growth Capital

We work closely with clients to evaluate their funding requirements and explore optimal financing options. The investment bankers at MHH have extensive relationships with commercial banks, BDC debt funds, private debt funds, mezzanine debt and unitraunch debt funds as well as other specialized providers of credit. Additionally, when equity raises are appropriate, MHH engages its extensive network in late-stage venture, private equity and family offices.

When clients are considering acquisitions, large capital expenditures for growth, and similar transactions, we generally facilitate debt and equity placements.

Strategic Advisory

MHH works with private companies as well as public boards of directors as they evaluate specific acquisitions, strategic alternatives, and other material developments that require the objectivity and judgement of a well-established expert in capital markets.

Having completed well over 500 client engagements, MHH professionals bring significant experience coupled with our reputation for the utmost professionalism and integrity. Our services focus on supporting a client's decision process regarding the pros and cons of new issuance of debt and/or equity, acquisition strategies, recapitalizations, sales and other related activities.

Our History

Focus. Expertise. Relationships.

MHH has the requisite industry expertise to understand and communicate your company's unique value proposition.

Our investment bankers have well earned reputations for producing successful client outcomes. Mufson Howe Hunter was founded in 2004 with the objective of providing middle-market companies with unbiased strategic guidance, highly focused transaction process and an overall execution with professionalism, integrity and total commitment to the client.

MHH’s senior investment bankers each has over two decades of professional experience across hundreds of client transactions, and each is committed to bringing their extensive experience to bear in creating a successful outcome for the client.  MHH focuses on mergers and acquisitions services as well as the private placement of debt and equity capital.  Our transactional experience addresses the strategic and financial needs of clients in four sectors: business services, consumer, industrial and technology services.