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Mufson Howe Hunter & Company LLC, a privately-held company, is based in Philadelphia, PA as is its affiliate, Mufson Howe Hunter & Partners LLC, which is a broker-dealer member of FINRA and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Broker-dealer services are provided through Mufson Howe Hunter & Partners LLC. All references to “Mufson Howe Hunter” on this website refer to Mufson Howe Hunter & Company LLC and its affiliate, Mufson Howe Hunter & Partners LLC, except that disclosures relating to broker-dealer requirements refer only to Mufson Howe Hunter & Partners LLC.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission”) requires broker-dealers to protect the financial privacy of consumers (“Consumers”) in accordance with Regulation S-P, which implements the privacy requirements established by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Regulation S-P requires broker-dealers to provide Consumers with initial and annual privacy notices that describe in general terms the broker-dealer’s information collection and sharing practices. In accordance with this obligation, Mufson Howe Hunter & Company LLC and its affiliate, Mufson Howe Hunter & Partners LLC (“MHH & Partners”), as a broker-dealer registered with the Commission, sets forth their Privacy Policy related to non-public personal information (“Information”) obtained from Consumers (e.g., contact information, information and records pertaining to personal background and financial status, etc.).

Pursuant to Regulation S-P, it is the policy of MHH & Partners to keep confidential Information unless MHH & Partners is: (1) previously authorized by a Consumer to disclose Information to individual entities not affiliated with MHH & Partners, including, but not limited to Corporate Issuers (“Issuers”) with whom MHH & Partners has been engaged either in an advisory capacity or as an agent to raise capital; (2) required to do so by judicial or regulatory process; or (3) otherwise permitted to do so in accordance with Regulation S-P.

The disclosure of Information contained in any document completed by a Consumer for processing and/or transmittal by MHH & Partners in order to facilitate the commencement, continuation or termination of a business relationship between a Consumer and a non-affiliated third party (e.g., an Issuer), including Information contained in any document completed by and/or executed by a Consumer for MHH & Partners (e.g., information form, accredited investor questionnaire, or similar form), shall be deemed as having been automatically authorized by the Consumer with respect to the sharing of information contained therein with the non-affiliated third party.

Each individual and or entity affiliated with MHH & Partners is aware of MHH & Partners’ Privacy Policy, and has acknowledged his, her or its requirement to comply with the Privacy Policy. In accordance with MHH & Partners’ Privacy Policy, each affiliated individual and/or entity shall have access to Information to the extent reasonably necessary for MHH & Partners to provide its business services to its clients, and to comply with applicable regulatory procedures and requirements.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Michael J. Mufson, President, at 215-399-5410, or at


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