Specialty Manufacturing & Distribution

Specialty Manufacturing & Distribution

Mufson Howe Hunter maintains on-going relationships with both institutional investors and strategic players looking for middle-market Manufacturing & Industrials M&A opportunities.

Aerospace & Defense

 - Aerospace Parts and MRO

 - Aviation Electronics 

 - Defense contractors and supply chain

Components & Materials

 - Electronic Components

 - Specialty Materials 

 - Vehicle Parts & Supplies

Industrial Equipment

 - Construction Equipment

 - Electrical Equipment

 - Measurement, Control and Testing Devices

 - Semiconductor Capital Equipment

Industrial & Technical Services

 - Industrial Distribution

 - Industrial Recycling

 - Technical Services

Within the foregoing four sectors, we cover discrete-part manufacturing companies, process-flow industrial companies, component producers, distribution companies and engineering/technical services companies.

The sub-sectors we currently like include:

 - Advanced materials/additive manufacturing

 - Engineering/Environmental Services

 - Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO)

 - Test & Measurement (including non-destructive testing [NDT])

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Managing Director

Michael J. Howe

Phone: 215-399-5413


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